Children Are Like Clouds

The children sit calmly on a bench, side by side. In this sculpture every figure is different.
The faces are not modeled in detail because instead of the faces I wanted to draw attention to the figures as a whole.  They present  single persons making part of the
society. Working the concrete I have created a feeling that the sitting figures are a part of a
bigger picture. The bench is made of a rougher concrete and the legs and feet of the figures are of the same substance. The figures are rooted on their places like they would grow from the soil. The upper part of the figures  consists of a concrete tinted with  blue colour. Blue is the  sky and these figures hold the sky inside them. Although the sculpture  is small the blue colour increases its scale. At the end  I added gold on the faces of the figures thus marking them as individuals.

on lapsia kuin pilvia 2010


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