Far away are the mountains - Concrete, 2010

This work was born for an exhibition of mine treating the relation between an individual and the society. Or  between an individual and a group. Important  to me was also to describe time. This work, like many of my works, describes a  moment before something happends. It can be a moment of rest, a moment before moving on. Or it´s a moment after which everything changes.

History touches us all. It is present every day and our own past and our deeds are its foundation.

In the sculpture there are two figures holding a piece of land on which another small figure sits. He looks towards the future, far away, calmly. Nobody knows what will happen next: Far away are the mountains.

About the technique

The work is first modeled with clay. Then, to obtain a mould, plaster is poured over the clay. After that a concrete mixture made of stone substances, cement and colour ingredients is layed in the mold. When the concrete has dried the plaster mold is broken and the revealed work is washed. At the end its surface is protected with a sealer. The work is not painted or otherwise treated afterwards. Its colour is created by the stone mixture itself or by adding pigments in the concrete mass before.


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