The text associated with the group exhibition 'Never Retire' at Vantaa Art Museum 2009-2010

I propose two series of reliefs for the exhibition:

1. The Memorial Plates. Concrete, three parts 60x60x6cm, 2004

2. The Detachment. Concrete, five parts , 110 x 240x12cm , 2007


I treat the theme ”Never retire” through the contents of art. Art does not recognize an age for retirement, although it  knows age. In different ages an artist  is interested in different things. My own interests in art are time and death. I see the theme of death and the idea of retirement close to one another. The society has its own debate about retirement. About the daily battle of how to get along. To an artist´s work it is not inspiring and it it should be dealt with reports etc.. In short, my proposal for the exhibition is the theme of death. Both of my works are made in memory of people I knew. The first one reached the age or retirement, the latter didn´t reach it.


Virpi Kanto
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