Future is what we dream today

An artwork is made of  the energy, the presence, the time and the whole spiritual capacity of its maker. The contents of the work lies not on its surface, not in the picture it first reveals. The contents s in the energy that the work incorporates. An artist studies different energies that are products and substances of a spiritual nature. He breathes the energy he himself creates. It is inside that energy that the artist lives during the moments of creation. His moral reveals itself soon.

An artist chooses which gestures to perform in the universe. He chooses his attitude  towards life. To reach the state of creation an artist has to be somewhat child-like – yet he is not a child but a human being responsible for all his actions.


Virpi Kanto
Lehtimäentie 21
16300 Orimattila, Finland
Puh. +358 40 7253994
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Latest Exhibitions

16.10.-3.11.2013 Galleria Saima

5.-21.12.2012 Christmas table - Take away

8.-26.8.2012 'Äkkisyvää ja Valoa'