Who does not grieve for the flying of days

There are moments in childhood that either strengthen or weaken one´s growing up. My primary vision to this work is a child who is trying to run away, while a figure, similar to a black hole, keeps sucking him up.
The bond between the two is ravaging. Maybe the mother does not want to release the child. Maybe the child does not want to be free. On the other hand the bond is vital. Through the mother the child receives the elements of life.The work is also about the relation between an individual and the society.

And about time that keeps on flying.


Virpi Kanto
Lehtimäentie 21
16300 Orimattila, Finland
Puh. +358 40 7253994
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Latest Exhibitions

16.10.-3.11.2013 Galleria Saima

5.-21.12.2012 Christmas table - Take away

8.-26.8.2012 'Äkkisyvää ja Valoa'