The working methods

Virpi Kanto starts the sculpting by first modeling the clay. After that she pours plaster over the clay to obtain a mold and then lays concrete in the mold.

Her way of handling concrete – that grey, dull and commonplace material – is unique. Kanto keeps finding always new dimensions to treat the combination of water and stone substances, of which concrete is made. She has combined concrete with porcelain, glass and even feathers. Her newest discovery is the use of gold and silver on it.

“Making sculptures is a continuing process. It´s  an attempt to understand the existence, the human being. I see my sculptures as a freely associating wandering through different cultures, through memory, pictures and decades. Through the touch, through the memory and seeing, an important human heritage is transmitted. My technique is to model clay and to lay concrete in a mold of plaster. To me the laying of concrete is a creative process, not only a technical accomplishment.”


Virpi Kanto
Lehtimäentie 21
16300 Orimattila, Finland
Puh. +358 40 7253994
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Latest Exhibitions

16.10.-3.11.2013 Galleria Saima

5.-21.12.2012 Christmas table - Take away

8.-26.8.2012 'Äkkisyvää ja Valoa'